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» Webmaster Tutorials and References

  • HTML Hex Color Guide - This is a useful reference that explains the Hex color system used in HTML. It also provides a handy chart to quickly refer to when coding your pages.
  • HTML Tutorial - If you're new to HTML - the language of websites - you can get up-to-speed very quickly by following this free, interactive tutorial. Rather than just memorizing boring tags, this HTML tutorial lets you practice as you learn! A fantastic resource for the new webmaster.

» Webmaster Tools
  • Quiz Generator - This (very) powerful script lets you create sophisticated personality-type quizzes to host on your website. No advanced web knowledge required to use. This script is extremely versatile and customizable. A exclusive.


» Articles
  • Choosing Your Perfect Web Host - Finding a great web host is very difficult in this corrupt, overcrowded market. Here are some tips to steer you to the right direction.