HTML Tutorial

Welcome to our 100% free and interactive HTML tutorial. This tutorial is designed to give you a very solid background in coding. Rather than having to memorize lists of HTML tags (boring!), all you have to do is pay attention, follow along, and practice alongside our instructions.

Success is guaranteed!

Now, before we begin, two quick notes.

First, if you're creating a website for the first time ever, remember to make the main page of your website index.html - this is the standard name for your entrance page. A lot of beginners have a strange habit of making their entrance page named "home.html" or "start.html" or something along these lines. Don't do it! You'll save your visitors time because browsers automatically infer 'index.html' when they see your base URL.

Second, if you're looking for a web host to get started producing your first site, we strongly recommend Velegant Web Hosting. We're proudly hosted by them, they're just fantastic.

Now, let's begin!

» HTML Tutorial Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - The Basics
This chapter covers how to create your site's canvas and how to space out text.

Chapter 2 - Text Formatting
This chapter provides a tutorial of how to change the color, shape, and size of your site's text.

Chapter 3 - Links, Links, Link
Creating links in HTML is a snap. Learn here how to make document links and email links!

Chapter 4 - Images
Learn how to insert and play around with images on your website.

Chapter 5 - Changing Your Canvas
This brief chapter tells you how to change your site's default canvas settings!

Chapter 6 - Tables
Tables are absolutely crucial to laying out your site. You must have a solid mastery of them if you want ever be called an HTML guru.

Chapter 7 - Tags to Organize
This is the final chapter of our interactive HTML tutorial. It gives you some final tags to organize how everything in your website is laid out. Enjoy!